Even more services : Curbside pickup designated areas


We’re always upgrading our service offer: new curbside pickup areas for a safer and easier shopping experience


Consumers are increasingly discovering new ways of shopping and enjoying the option of picking up their purchases directly from the retailers who are, in turn, adapting to new consumer preferences.

We are therefore proud to improve service quality in our properties by deploying dedicated curbside pickup areas.

These easily identifiable areas, for both customers and retailers, are set up at a number of strategic locations in the following centres:






Avenue Mode – 7 zones

  1. in front of Sports Experts
  2. in front of POP Chaussures
  3. in front of Linen Chest
  4. in front of RW&CO/La Vie en Rose
  5. in front of Old Navy
  6. in front of Republic
  7. in front of Roots





Avenue Marché – 2 zones

  1. in front of M&M
  2. in front of Chocolat Favoris / Subway





Carrefour Brossard – 1 zone

  1. in front of Subway / Gyro Boutique






Plaza Grand Boulevard – 1 zone

  1. in front of Bureau en Gros





Plaza Hawkesbury – 2 zones

  1. in front of Staples
  2. in front of Sports Experts






Les Galeries Lachine

  1. in front of Banque TD




Customers must check service availability and conditions and make order and pickup arrangements with each merchant directly.