Avenue Loisirs Growing rapidly : PHASE II


Avenue Loisirs : Construction of Phase II of this development has begun.

The existing 64,000 sq.ft. shopping venue currently occupied by SAIL and a wide variety of restaurants (including Starbucks and La Belle et La Bœuf), will be expanded into a total of nearly 133,000 sq.ft. with the addition of a new building. Totalling approximately 54,000 sq.ft., this new building will include three new spaces to welcome IGA Extra, SAQ and National Bank during winter 2021 offering them greater visibility and accessibility.  Further expansion opportunity of +/- 14,000 s.f. coming up.


L’Avenue Loisirs, along with L’Avenue Mode, L’Avenue Marché, L’Avenue Avenir (futur development) and L’Édifice Harden  (delivery summer 2020), is one of the five sites of Les Avenues Vaudreuil, and together they are the commercial hub that is revitalizing the Vaudreuil-Soulanges and West Island areas.

Once complete, this project will total nearly 750,000 square feet of rental space (on over 3.8 million square feet of land) and draw customers coming in from the west, who won’t need to drive into Montréal to reach other shopping malls.

Whether they’re looking for major brands, well-known restaurants, trusted services, or local products, customers will enjoy their one-stop shopping experience in a modern and relaxed atmosphere.

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