Inauguration of District Beauharnois


It was with great pride that Harden inaugurated District Beauharnois on Tuesday, September 19, with Claude Haineault, Mayor of the City of Beauharnois, and his advisors present. The inauguration took place at the public area of ​​the mall where dignitaries and guests were present to celebrate the achievement of this major project for the region.

“Thank you very much to all those who helped design, plan and build the centre.” said William F. Harden, President of Harden. “It is very important for us to celebrate with you the official inauguration of District Beauharnois, a major project of more than $ 46 million, 775,000 square feet of land and over 120,000 square feet built. ”

Harden is very proud to have been chosen by the City of Beauharnois to develop this commercial project. The City of Beauharnois has a promising vision for it`s citizens, the “2020 Vision”. “It was around this inspiring vision that we designed the mall and we are very proud of the result.” says William F. Harden.

District Beauharnois is not only a commercial center, but also includes a superb public square, a gathering place for the community. Urban furnishings and beautiful landscaping reflect Harden’s concern for the environment. Also, a children’s park has been carefully laid out as well as areas for relaxation for the citizens.

District Beauharnois is a fine achievement that meets the daily needs of the community while providing a common gathering place and an unrivaled experience for young and old alike. Hats off to a remarkable accomplishment for the city of Beauharnois.