New partnership with RioCan


NEW PARTNERSHIP | Recently, we agreed to purchase a 50% interest in Mega Centre Notre-Dame in Laval from RioCan for $34.5 million. RioCan and Harden have built a well-established relationship, each owning 50% of Galeries Lachine in Montreal, Quebec. In addition, Harden will assume management responsibilities for RioCan’s entire Quebec portfolio.

Mega Centre Notre-Dame is an outdoor commercial center of approximately 500,000 square feet comprises of over 70 commercial spaces and boasts of its strategic location in the heart of Laval’s great commercial sector.

We will implement a series of improvements to bring this center up to the quality standards for which we are known. This will include the redesign of façades, revitalization of common areas and a bonification of the commercial mix to showcase the value of this center. In doing so, we hope to contribute to enriching the local community and boosting Laval’s economic growth.